Monday, 28 May 2012

I can do it

Just when I bragged about our warmer weather we get cold temperatures and a forecast warning of ice pellets and possible snow - our weather is so unpredictable! It could be worse and I'm truly thankful for the amazing spring we've experienced this year - April and May have been lovely thus far. I am getting the urge, BIG TIME, to start painting and distressing some of my darker furniture pieces. Becca at 'Adventures in Decorating' has even painted new furniture pieces...I want her confidence and nerve. I visit her site and view her photos so often it's almost ridiculous. I think she is pretty amazing and makes everything she does look so simple. Seriously, I love her style and she was even kind enough to send along an email with some tips and encouraging comments. So off to the Paint Shop I go and purchase BM (Dove White) paint, gel stain (Minwax), clear coat, latex gloves, brushes, sponge roller, sandpaper, stir sticks - everything I need to get me started. Yep, it's all neatly packed in a box in my front entrance closet until I get the confidence to take the big plunge. I remember taking on a huge project a number of years ago in our last house where I painted my kitchen cabinets which were a natural birch.  After lots of sanding and priming I painted them a soft grey, added new hardware, and was so proud of the end results.  My kitchen was transformed!  So, I know I CAN do it!  Once I get started, I fear I will become obsessed and will attack many more paint projects around the house.  And, when I  master the whole uploading photos thing, I will post before and after pictures.  Until then please be patient with me as I am determined to get this blog up and rolling.  Have a terrific day!

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