Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Wonderful Wednesday

Well...Good Morning to you all! I'm off today thus I have the luxury of sitting down in my favourite chair and relaxing rather than rushing out the door and heading to my place of work. Don't get me wrong, I love my job but having a day to relax in the middle of the week is quite nice. As you can tell, I've made some progress...I have actually managed to upload a photo from my personal files to my blog header...good for me; I think I deserve a star! I'm not sure what I will accomplish today. I know for sure that my daughter will be dropping by for a visit and will pick up our... oops! I mean her puppy (75 pound 2-year old Lab/collie) who we have been doggy-sitting while her and Joel have been away. We will miss Noah around here...constantly at our feet, the dog hair EVERYWHERE, putting him outside, taking him back in, walking him, feeding him...oh dear, he's a lot of work BUT we love him! I am very anxious to see our girl after almost 3 weeks. We will have lots to talk about and I'm looking forward to hearing all about her trip to Rome.

Here is a picture of dear ole Noah...isn't he adorable?

I'm not sure what I will do for the remainder of the day...I may decide to take a trip to HomeSense which is normally my Saturday morning adventure but it will be a nice change to head out on a week day.  I may just stay at home and relax or take on one of those tasks I have been putting off.  Right now, I think I will have my second cup of coffee and browse through my newest Style at Home magazine before I start my day or do anything.  Enjoy your Wednesday...I plan to!

This is the day that the Lord has made...REJOICE and be glad in it!

Pure Joy

Yippee...Lookie what I accomplished - 2 photos successfully uploaded

Here is a vignette I arranged last year on the hall table in my front entrance. I just love the branch twigs with a small nest of robin's eggs...can you guess the season?
Here is a Winter mantle vignette where I added an apothecary jar filled with  bright lemons for a pop of color..nothing like a punch of yellow to bring the sunshine into a room during the shorter and darker days of Winter.
Pure Joy

Monday, 28 May 2012

I can do it

Just when I bragged about our warmer weather we get cold temperatures and a forecast warning of ice pellets and possible snow - our weather is so unpredictable! It could be worse and I'm truly thankful for the amazing spring we've experienced this year - April and May have been lovely thus far. I am getting the urge, BIG TIME, to start painting and distressing some of my darker furniture pieces. Becca at 'Adventures in Decorating' has even painted new furniture pieces...I want her confidence and nerve. I visit her site and view her photos so often it's almost ridiculous. I think she is pretty amazing and makes everything she does look so simple. Seriously, I love her style and she was even kind enough to send along an email with some tips and encouraging comments. So off to the Paint Shop I go and purchase BM (Dove White) paint, gel stain (Minwax), clear coat, latex gloves, brushes, sponge roller, sandpaper, stir sticks - everything I need to get me started. Yep, it's all neatly packed in a box in my front entrance closet until I get the confidence to take the big plunge. I remember taking on a huge project a number of years ago in our last house where I painted my kitchen cabinets which were a natural birch.  After lots of sanding and priming I painted them a soft grey, added new hardware, and was so proud of the end results.  My kitchen was transformed!  So, I know I CAN do it!  Once I get started, I fear I will become obsessed and will attack many more paint projects around the house.  And, when I  master the whole uploading photos thing, I will post before and after pictures.  Until then please be patient with me as I am determined to get this blog up and rolling.  Have a terrific day!

Sunday, 27 May 2012

My New Adventure

Blogging is new to me...I fumbled through on my own attempting to set up my blog and I think I've come up against a brick is clear I need assistance. I hope that maybe some other bloggers will come to my rescue and provide me with some tips that will help me finish creating and personalizing my blog home page. As the weather starts to warm up here in Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada) we are starting to enjoy lots of blue sky and sunshine. I feel the urge to lighten up my surroundings and bring out anything that connects me to the beach and the ocean. Unlike some of the blogs I visit regularly, our ocean still has lots of ice bergs which can be viewed from our shorelines - this has a lot to do with the cooler temperatures we experience here on the east coast of our province. The view is spectacular; however, I crave warm ocean breezes and white sand where driftwood, starfish and tons of seashells adorn the beaches. I dream of open windows with sea breezes softly blowing the scent of the salt water and the sound of the ocean waves inside. In this beautiful province of ours we learn to make hay when the sun shines...we get out and enjoy the weather and put off for another day whatever inside plans we may have had. I am optimistic that we are in for a great summer this year which will be 'Pure Joy'.

Beachy...dreamy... the diffuser scent is 'Ocean Breeze'...